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In the near dystopian future...

The west coast has left the United States of America. Fierce and libertarian, Nevada piggybacked along with the secession led by California. Then after exploiting the collective political muscle of its neighbors, Nevada refused to join the new country of Pacifica with Oregon and Washington. Instead, the rebels formed the independent nation-state of NEVADALAND and decided to do things their own way. This landlocked apocalypse in progress finds itself stuck between two warring enemy nations. In NEVADALAND, local tribalism reigns as each remote city struggles to generate revenue and enforce law. Underneath the weirdness and lies, NEVADALAND’s all about money and rules.

In Volume 2 THE GAMES, The friends save Diesel Duran and rebuilt her, then she fights a new frenemy. Now that THE GAMES have begun, the bloody bride visits more frequently and teaches her how to harness her anger. Victories in battle against a mutant beast, regs’, and other players leads her to the truth about the harvest. A visit to the hospital, pushes her into a pit of despair as she learns the fate of her dearest friend, Ernesta, before the keepers force her back into the zone. In a race against time, Diesel makes it to the carnage at the Coliseum. And while she and her friends have a shot at making it across the finish line in time, they must face the enraged gatekeeper, Kali, or die trying.

Part Hunger Games, part Running Man, part Mad Max, and part X-Files, the NEVADALAND series offers non-stop adventure, bizarre creatures, dystopian conspiracies, impending doom, and an ongoing alien mystery. Nothing is what it appears to be, and everything is so much more in NEVADALAND.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
21 July

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