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Prince Cory's inheritance is about to get him killed.
An enchanted sword, a world of warriors and magic, and a war without end are now his.

Cory and his grandfather, the legendary General of Valendo, initiate a diplomatic mission in an effort to learn why the war began. Cory welcomes the princess of their old enemy into his stewardship. Despite her presence becoming more than diplomatic, the death of the old general heralds a new and insidious attack at the heart of Valendo. King Klonag of Nearhon thinks nothing of his niece, the princess, in the land he must conquer.

With the darkest of magic at work, the survival of the royal line and the souls of all in Cory's Kingdom are at stake.

Can Cory take up his grandfather's magic blade and become the new general the Kingdom of Valendo so desperately needs?

The General's Legacy - Part One: Inheritance is the first book in The General of Valendo gripping epic fantasy series that features lifelike characters, magic, romance, horror, and the pace and excitement of a thriller novel.

Pick up the first part of The General's Legacy now because you love to discover action-packed swords and sorcery full of mystery and intrigue with a unique plot you've never seen before.

"A beautifully written story centred around war, brotherhood and love. The scenes draw you in and make it easy for you to imagine yourself on the battlefield, calling on your comrades and slaying foes. I loved the interaction between characters and often found myself laughing at their punchy exchanges. The mystical creatures, magical terms and air of suspense make for a gripping read. Adrian Hilder creates such a vivid and beautifully crafted world that delivers magic and war in leaps and bounds."
S. McPherson author of At the Water's Edge 

"This book took me places---places of danger and bravery and mystery.
The author's voice is intriguing---at times, cold as evil; at times, lyric as an angel.
All-round excellent read."

Alexander M Zoltai ~ author of Notes from an Alien

The General's Legacy - Part One: Inheritance is available as a gift when joining Adrian G Hilder's Readers' group at http://bit.ly/aghsignupml

The General's Legacy concludes in Part Two: Whiteland King released February 28, 2017.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
30 November

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