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The Gentle Art of Domesticity is a book that has changed many lives. Now it’s back by popular demand. This is not a how-to book with diagrams and instructions, but an inspirational and articulate defence of the home as a place to express creativity and personality.

Jane Brocket delights in domesticity. Lively, curious and creative, she takes inspiration from her surroundings, art, literature and nature. From angora cushions to gingerbread houses, from crochet blankets to geometric quilts, she injects her home with colour, beauty and fun. The result is a gorgeous, unusual and inspirational book with stunning photographs that will make you want to get crafting.

Jane’s fresh and thoughtful take on life will make you look at the world with new eyes. Whether you want to find inspiration or simply share her pleasure in life’s small details, you will delight in the glorious synthesis of craft, style and intellectual pleasures. The Gentle Art of Domesticity is a heavenly feast, celebrating everything that is wonderful about life.


Jane Brocket reclaims the importance and value of domestic activities in the order of everyday life, and her passionate, beautifully written essays on the emotional and intellectual stimulation that stems from the inspiration found within the home environment are just magnificent to read. The book is also punctuated with some lovely recipes, gorgeous photographs and images, and it all adds up to a delicious, refreshing and marvellous package.” Rachel Fenn (Book Snob)

Lifestyle & Home
30 January
Yarnstorm Press

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