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What if you thought you knew a secret that could change history?

Whilst standing engrossed in her favourite Pre-Raphaelite painting – Millais's Ophelia – Cori catches the eye of Tate gallery worker, Simon, who is immediately struck by her resemblance to the red-haired beauty in the famous artwork.

The attraction is mutual, but Cori has other things on her mind. She has recently acquired the diary of Daisy, a Victorian woman with a shocking secret. As Cori reads, it soon becomes apparent that Daisy will stop at nothing to be heard, even outside of the pages of her diary …

Will Simon stick around when life becomes increasingly spooky for Cori, as she moves ever closer to uncovering the truth about Daisy’s connection to the girl in her favourite painting?

March 7
Choc Lit

Customer Reviews

Samantha Em. ,

Two stories .... two time frames ..... fused together seamlessly

I am a member of the Choc Lit Tasting Panel, which means I am sent books to read without knowing who the author is nor the title of the book.

Here is my original feedback on the book, with my original answers:

* Did I enjoy / dislike the novel ? *
A very surprising and enjoyable read indeed.

To start with, there was a lot of "art" talk - which I didn't really understand, but this did not detract from the actual story.

I was even more surprised that there were two wonderful and intriguing and enticing stories in one!

Very cleverly written.

Characters were easy to read and feel close to. Two very different time frames but expertly written that you felt a part of both eras.


* Does the novel contain sections from a male hero's point of view ? *

Yes, indeed it does. There were in fact two. My favourite being Julian :)

* Did I find the male hero irresistable ? *

Yes I did. Julian was more suited to me irresistably. Stef did have some cute moments though.

*Would I like to see the book published ? *

Yes, it was a lovely story. Very easy to read.

*Value for money : would readers be satisfied ?*

Yes, I think readers are getting value for money. Two gripping stories in one, which you can get totally lost in. That doesn't happen very often!

* My feedback and what I enjoyed the most*

I enjoyed how both stories merged together and how it was written.

It was easy to read. A real pleasure in fact.

I was absorbed in both stories. Loved the Lorelei and Julian storyline most. Lissy and Stef's was very nice too.

I was priviledged to be a part of the team who helped get this published. Thank you Choc Lit and to Kirsty Ferry for writing such a great book.

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