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This book is about being successful in all of life---job (including homemaker), family, church, and spiritual life. Yes, this book tells you how to find your niche, but a lot more. It also tells you about the positive and negative influences on lifes priority relationship--- our walk with God. Written to be informative and encouraging, questions are included to inspire thought and direct attention to Gods way of thinking as revealed in Scripture.

Lifes problems and dilemmas hit everyone. Listen in
Im at a crossroads. Should I stay in this job or do something else? Im confused.
I like what I do now, but is this what God really wants of me? Should I be considering a full-time ministry? Is there something else I should be doing? Should I go back to school? If so, what should I major in?
Im bored stifflife is a treadmill. Spiritually, Ive lost it, I feel like a robot reading my Bible. I have no energy. Why?

People know they should do something, but what? Listen in again ...
Ive tried figuring out what to do, but Im never sure about what I come up with, so I continue on the path Im on now.
I get confusing advice. Who should I listen to?

This book will help you (or help you help others) Find and Live Out Your Calling ...
With an organized, proven-in-practice decision making process to find or clarify your life direction and calling.
By showing how your God-Given Strengths (Greens) and God-Given Limitations (Reds) impact your a. Attitude, energy level, performance, and relationships b. Job (including homemaker) life, family life, church life, and spiritual life.
so that you will know you are doing your best to do what counts, in Gods eyes.

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September 12