The Hangman Box Set

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Publisher Description

3 Mystery books for your reading pleasure.

Silent Crime

This world is evil.

My mother used to tell me that evil only comes to those who are looking for it, and maybe she was right.

Corruption and death walk hand and hand in this town. I refuse to give in, but giving up seems to be my only option.

As a detective, I've seen enough killing for ten lifetimes, and now, leaving is the only way to keep my sanity.

I never thought that my last case while training my replacement would have a stranglehold on me personally.

It's like the Hangman is placing the noose around my neck, and the rope is only getting tighter.

Guilty Crime

With new victims in his sights, the Hangman will stop at nothing to get his revenge, even if it means dragging Detective Jake Thomas down with him.

After making it personal, Jake is even more hellbent on solving the case, even if it means delaying his early retirement.

But when his only informant skips town and Jake finds most of the truth has been buried, not only with missing case files but in his own mind, can he and Detective Jo Calloway unlock the clues they need to bring the Hangman to justice before Chief O'Connor becomes the next victim?

Hidden Crime

Now that Detective Jake Thomas knows the Hangman's true identity, he's on the path to wrapping up the case, but when a revelation about Jo's family makes waves between them, will they be able to see eye to eye and make it happen, or will the truth put obstacles in their way?

When Kyle Young comes to town with an agenda of his own, it puts him straight in the Hangman's sights. Will the Hangman's revenge plot go as planned, or will he find himself with some unhealthy competition?

Crime & Thrillers
10 December
BrixBaxter Publishing

Customer Reviews

s . s ,

Hangman series

Couldn’t put it down up till the early hours reading can’t wait to read book 4 excellent writing

S Ni F ,

Badly written

This might have been a good story if it hadn’t been dragged out over three + books. But it was over-written, poorly characterised, bad dialogue, and drowning in cliches.

I only persevered to the end because I hate leaving a book half read. Only to find out there’s a damn part 4. Are you kidding? Put this out of its misery, please!!

I feel cheated enough reading this for free, expecting people to pay for more is optimistic.

Paolo52XV ,

Don’t read not worth the bother of downloading

Story never finishes at the end of the book you simply get conned into buying the next one. It’s like those model parts which come with a magazine,the first one is 99 pence after that £3.99 and the finished model costs you hundreds of pounds

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