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As one of Britain's leading psychic mediums, Colin Fry has helped countless people find peace and inspiration during the darkest and most challenging times of their lives. But he too has faced enormous personal obstacles, from serious illness to deep financial troubles, from emotional heartbreak to professional turmoil. He explains how his great-grandmother and his grandmother also had the gift of communicating with the Other Side, but paid a tragic price for their abilities...how he himself suffered a stroke in his late 20s...how he nursed his adopted brother through terminal illness...how he struggled to 'come out', and suffered in a 22-year relationship...how financial problems could have ended his career, but taught him priceless lessons instead.

In this remarkable autobiography, Colin explains how he has overcome the greatest tests of his life - and the part the spirit world has played in helping him. In typically honest and entertaining style, he also shows how he has used the lessons he has learned to shine a positive light on other people's lives. Full of honesty, revelation, wisdom and humour, it's a book that will engage, entertain and move all who read it. It's the story Colin has waited his whole life to tell. It's the true story of the Happy Medium...

June 21
Ebury Publishing

Customer Reviews

Koramusty ,

The Happy Medium

Excellent book, couldn't put it down, a must read for all Colin fry fans

Peter77j ,


After watching 6th spence for the first time I looked for books by Colin Fry and found this one which I bought on line.
I'm going to buy his secrets of the afterlife now.
I am a full believer in the soul and afterlife and I could not put this book down. I found it confirmed many if my feelings and that the thoughts I so often have, even very visual images of incidents involving me on my motorbike and other vehicles which come to pass days later, are indeed sent from my guides.
I loved it that Colin doesn't tell fortunes which would seem to invalidate the whole thing to me, Colin simply passes on messages from those who have passed over.
You will enjoy this book.

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