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This is the first Level 4 Hear-Write Spelling Program book. This program offers a way to understand and remember 200+ spelling words in ten weeks. See a direct way to focus on words with TRICKY VOWELS by highlighting letters. Learn a quick way to remember the simple meanings of 20 words a week displayed on one page. Discover an easy way to view hundreds of words that use that same HEAR-WRITE RULE. Enjoy an enticing way to become WORD COLLECTORS who use words creatively by completing carefully chosen assignments each day of the week. Try weekly activities including IT’s 4 FAVORITE WORDS page, a GAME, and a COMIC STRIP. Participate in this program and grow wiser by using these 200+ words in realistic and useful ways with IT, your Invisible Tutor, guiding you each day. Take this opportunity to thoroughly learn the spelling and meaning of 2400+ important words. Learn to communicate in clever ways throughout this 4 year program.

     The HEAR WRITE SPELLING PROGRAM for grades 1-4 is one of the major 10 WEEK BOOKLETS that introduces any student, any parent, any teacher or educator to the possibilities of what you can achieve through The Growing Whys•er with My Invisible Tutor Learning Program. This balanced program provides a concrete plan to follow for 30 weeks a year for grades 1-4 with the focus on learning over 2400 spelling words through spelling patterns. It also includes specific assignments to learn over 1600 vocabulary words to prepare anyone for college in grades 5—9. Every week has three days of precise review, one day for creative activities, and a final day to personalize the material of the week and discover what was learned by taking a weekly test. Students will truly have the critical skills that will make future endeavors easier to achieve. See what sets this program apart from other learning programs.

     If our goal is to improve our present education instruction and make it more inclusive, I believe that this program is worth your consideration. Actual booklets with complete weekly assignments in each subject are available through the Apple Book Store under Carolyn Wells Rhazi. Compare this learning program to your child's learning experience. Try several lessons for a few weeks to see what is possible. Then decide for yourself. If this program can provide a better model for learning, please tell others and help it become a standard for a universal elementary education for all.  

                                                             IT, your Invisible Tutor

                                                                  a former teacher, tutor and mother named Care...

                                                                                                                                      Carolyn Wells Rhazi

Professional & Technical
December 15
Carolyn Wells Rhazi (MyInvisibleTutor)

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