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An action-packed tale of chivalry and betrayal set during the Hundred Years War.

September, 1356. Poitiers. The greatest knights of the age were ready to give battle.

On the English side, Edward, the Black Prince, who'd earned his spurs at Crecy.

On the French side, the King and his son, the Dauphin. With 12,000 knights.

And then there is William Gold. A cook's boy - the lowest of the low - who had once been branded as a thief. William dreams of being a knight, but in this savage new world of intrigue, betrayal and greed, first he must learn to survive.

As rapacious English mercenaries plunder a country already ravaged by plague, and the peasantry take violent revenge against the French knights who have failed to protect them, is chivalry any more than a boyish fantasy?

Fiction & Literature
August 1

Customer Reviews

001eye ,

The start of A great historical adventure

I’ve really enjoyed this series, to review one book on its own is strange because it’s one long story, which let you really grow with the characters and genuinely get involved. All Christian’s books have that air of authenticity, he actually knows what he’s talking about, you even learn why you read from the historical battles to the authentic clothing and way of fighting, you really feel you are there living in that age. Definitely recommend this series and others. If I go and review every book I may end repeating myself as they are all worth reading.

FreddieA95 ,


Loved the storyline
It is packed full of action as well as good character development. Also I appreciate that the main character is not infallible nor a knight in shining armour, he acts as a pimp at one point. This more realistic, no simple black and white character development makes the main character much more engaging

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