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A mother is the most essential individual in our life. She’s the one who brings us to this world, goes through the painful transition of 9 months – where her physical strengths are tested to the greatest of extends, during these 9 months and the life that follows, a mother commits her life to her children – her joy is in the bliss of her children. That’s what a mother is.

There have been numerous books distributed on a mother, covering pretty much every part of how essential the role of a mother is. Yet for me, I'm honored to have 2 moms – one obviously being the mother that conceived me however the other is my 'Grand'mother, who constantly sustained her affection sacrificially – for her, the joy of others mattered more than the bliss of herself, her 4 children meant everything to her – she battled for the requests of her grandchildren regardless of the fact that we weren't right yet above all – she provided for all of us motivation to grin in life, she was the directing stone in our life and will keep on being the persuasion that waves us to flourish for what's “right”.

This book is devoted to my grandmother in whom I discovered a role model, in whom I saw the ideal example of a “mother”, a “grand”mother, a wife, a sister and a “great”grandmother. Often in life you find yourself asking the hard question “why”! I posed this question to myself the day that my grandmother passed away i.e. 23rd November, 2014. I couldn’t help but swipe through my mobile and see her photos, remember the last time that she was with me – telling me how she’s proud of my writing. Then my father told me something that changed my perception towards all this, he said for his mother “she lived a life in which she always cared for others before herself, raised her 4 sons and made them responsible to walk through the ladder of success in life, she nurtured her daughter-in-laws with the same love that a mother nurtures her daughters, she never saved a penny for herself – always gave it to her grandchildren so that they could fulfill their needs and today, her life has completed and we should remember her for the good that she did”.

This very statement from my father brought me out of a shell, I could sense that my father was hurt too – his voice wasn’t the same and yet he collected the strength to say what he said, which does perfectly explain the true characteristics of my grandmother, who without uncertainty has deserted "goodness" to us and without uncertainty guided us in the way –– where we shall think of others before ourselves.

This book is dedicated to my grandmother and the great life that she led.

December 28
Aditya Jha

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