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Billionaire oil trader Marc Rich for the first time talks at length about his private life (including his expensive divorce from wife Denise); his invention of the spot oil market which made his fortune and changed the world economy; his lucrative and unpublicized dealings with Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran, Fidel Castro's Cuba, war-ravaged Angola, and apartheid South Africa; his quiet cooperation with the Israeli and U.S. governments (even after he was indicted for tax fraud by Rudy Guiliani) and near-comical attempts by U.S. officials to kidnap him illegally.
This sure-to-make-headlines book is the first no-holds-barred biography of Rich, who was famously pardoned by Bill Clinton, and resurfaced in the news during the confirmation hearings of Attorney General Eric Holder. The King of Oil sheds stunning new light on one of the most controversial international businessmen of all time, charting Rich's rise from the Holocaust, which he fled as a young boy, to become the wealthiest and most powerful oil and commodities trader of the century. From his earliest trading days to the present, Marc Rich's story is astonishing and compelling.

13 October
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

BorneoBlue ,

Explores grey areas well

Fascinating insight into some major oil disputes and history of the spot trade.

More interesting was the assessment of a grey area of business where morals are tested. There are many who hold Marc Rich's principles in business today. May have been slightly biased towards Rich's side, as did not have the same clarity in presenting the case against him.

Narrative could get lost at times, however research was thorough and overall well presented.