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Tribes the second book in the series, introduces some new characters.
An old adversary arrives courtesy of Benny and makes an immediate impact.
The identity of Morgan’s mother is revealed and she is no Angel.
The origin of Volkane is explained along with his friendship with Blake and Connall.
The old order finds a home and Arthur, together with Adok Vega tries to get some sense out of them.
Meanwhile, the wolves become very disenchanted and seek to create a state of their own.
Jack is worried about the mental health of the English population, whilst Helen is just worried about the state of Jack.
When a surly Scotsman hands Jack and Helen a book that nobody else can read, they seek the guidance of Blake, only to wish they had not bothered.
Khan and Sariel get a couple of very dodgy new recruits, one of whom Sariel would very much like to kill.
Jason begins to build a new home from home, much to the consternation of Nick and Michael.
Jericho wants to attend to some unfinished business.
Arthur discovers that there is much more to Victor than meets the eye.
Victor discovers the truth about Pandora from Blake and is not impressed.
Rebekah has turned into the nastiest and most violent environmentalist you could ever meet, whilst Khan dreams of world dominion.

Why has the left-wing turned right-wing in Texas?
Why are warlocks blue?
Why does Jack drink so much?
Will Blake ever tell the truth?
Why is Sariel sent to Hell, and who or what is Victor really?
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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 12
L J Hick

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