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"A romance of epic proportions." — Publisher's Weekly

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"I WAS NOT BORN FOR SUCH GRANDEUR."— Joséphine, in a letter to her daughter Hortense 

The Last Great Dance on Earth charts the rise and fall of a great Empire and a steadfast love that outlasts treachery, exile and even death. As First Consul of France and then Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte will govern most of Europe in a domain to rival that of Charlemagne a thousand years earlier. Beside him is Joséphine: confidante, lover, friend and talisman. 

But their passionate union is troubled from within, as Joséphine is unable to produce an heir, and from without, as England makes war against France and Napoleon's Corsican clan makes war against his wife. Richly leavened with period detail, The Last Great Dance on Earth is a completely engrossing, passionate and tragic love story. 

The Last Great Dance on Earth is the final novel in an incredible trilogy inspired by the life of Joséphine Bonaparte.

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'Riveting . . . Never has this near-mythic figure seemed more human.' — Robin Maxwell, author of The Queen's Bastard

'Wonderfully evocative of a vanished time and place. A guilty pleasure — at each page you say, "just one more" and keep on. Josephine, what a woman! What a love! What a life!' — Margaret George, author of The Memoirs of Cleopatra: A Novel

'In all of time, no love story surpasses that of Napoleon and Josephine. The Last Great Dance on Earth draws us into the heart and soul of their story, capturing all the agony and glory.' — Faith Sullivan, author of The Cape Ann

'Gulland brings to life an exciting period in Europe’s past through the eyes of one of its most famous women. . . . This meticulously researched tale stands alone as a romance of epic proportions.' — Publishers Weekly

'…the gripping narrative offers a uniquely feminine perspective on a tumultuous historical era….A vividly detailed fictional portrait of one of the most fascinating women to influence the course of history.' — Booklist

'Gulland concludes her trilogy of the life of Empress Josephine with the dash and excitement that marked the first volume….Even those who have not read Gulland's previous volumes will be drawn into these final chapters of Josephine's story.' — Library Journal

'Gulland’s account of this pivotal moment in French history springs to life with gritty and heart-wrenching pathos.' — USA Today

'A convincing, tender portrait of Josephine B., the woman who was a match for one of history’s most titanic figures.' — The Globe and Mail

'Entertaining and insightful. Gulland got it right: the story is addictive.' — The Toronto Star

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