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Controversial lesbian author, Misty Crimsonlay, continues her Penelope Jones saga with the middle aged woman finding love with Becky. Penelope tries to be cautious but is overrun by the power of their feelings. A terrible meeting with her ex-lover nearly derails all she wants, desperately she seeks Becky's support. Join the literary world's most hopeless romantic on her journey...
Banned by some, lauded by others, the Penelope Jones series is a challenging portrayal of modern attitudes to love, sex and femininity.
Some extracts from this short story...

Becky wriggled and snuggled closer to Penelope. She nodded, then spoke in a sleepy voice.
“Now, for the first big test of our relationship.”
“Oh yes, and that might be…?”
“Let’s kiss and see if we both have forgiveable morning breath.” She smiled and leant forward to kiss her lover.
“Mmmm, oh yes, you are very acceptable, I think I will have one of you, please.” Penelope laughed, the woman had a brain that was active at any time of the day, she liked that.
“So, I wake up and there is a lovely woman in my bed. I wonder how that happened?”
“Oh well, let me tell you Penelope Jones. There was this woman I met who took me back to her place and then when I tried to hit on her she goes ‘oh no, don’t touch me, I can’t, please stop’. So I did – stop, that is. Then 30 minutes later the same aforementioned woman takes me by the hand, leads me to her bed and makes hot passionate love to me. Do you remember that?”
Penelope blushed, she remembered it clearly and was embarrassed.
“Isn't a girl allowed to change her mind?”
Becky laughed, “I will give you change your mind, woman.” With those words she flung back the bed covers, took Penelope in her arms, and made love to her again.

“We judge people, and put them in a box, based on their genitals and hormones. How stupid is that? It’s not all about whether you have a co** or a cu**, it’s whether you are a nice person or not. And I can tell you, there are a hell of a lot of men out there who are a******s, but there are also a hell of a lot of women out there who are total a******s. Having a cu** between your legs doesn’t suddenly make you a nice or desirable person to be with.”

“You are a gorgeous woman, Penelope Jones. You are the best. Now, let me put the lunch on, get some music for the mood and let’s enjoy being in love.”
“Oops, I am not meant to say that word yet, am I?” Penelope looked at her sternly.
“No, you are not, bitch!” She leapt at Becky and pushed her onto her back on the sofa and lay on top of her. Penelope held Becky’s hands down, pinning her underneath as she kissed her hard on the mouth.
Then she broke away, and lay there looking at Becky’s face. She brushed her fingertips against her lover’s cheek, her eyes gazing into the woman. Becky’s eyes were pools of love, they told Penelope everything.
“Becky, I love you.”
“Oh Pen, now I am going to cry, love. Hold me, you have made me so happy.”
They kissed passionately, their new confessions of love drawing them ever closer together.

Fiction & Literature
July 23
Misty Crimsonlay

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