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Two women. One deadly secret. A rivalry that could destroy them.

Ava Wells is perfect. She has the boyfriend, the career, the looks. But one night changes everything and her life suddenly isn't so seamless.

Jade Fernleigh is ambitious. She's worked hard to get where she is. And she's not about to let Ava take the job she rightly deserves.

Both women share a secret that could destroy them, but who will crumble first?

Praise for The Liars:

'An unnerving page-turning story of secrets and rivalry with an undercurrent of menace throughout, leading to a nail-biting conclusion' Sue Fortin, bestselling author of Sister Sister.

'A real page turner. It was exactly my kind of read - toxic relationships, thick tension and a gripping plot' Lisa Hall, bestselling author of Between You and Me.

'An irresistibly compulsive thriller' Ella Drummond, author of My Last Lie.

'A well written fast-paced story, with more twists than a corkscrew' Amanda James, author of Another Mother.

Crime & Thrillers
April 16
Head of Zeus

Customer Reviews

Livingwithaspringer ,

I wish I hadn’t bothered

This is far from the worst book I’ve ever read but I wish I had never bought it or bothered reading it.

At first I was looking forward to a story about rivalry and office politics. That’s what I was getting but it rapidly descended into what I can only describe as farce. Much, no, most of the plot was implausibly preposterous. This meant any possible tension and ‘reveals’ were weakened and I just didn’t care. Had the writer thought it through sufficiently before starting or was it written in too much of a hurry?

The story is almost exclusively told in the first person by multiple characters. This could have been interesting as we once or twice had snippets of the story repeated by another person giving their alternative slant on things.
Inexplicably one chapter near the end was written in the second person. I don’t think that I have ever come across this before and, as I couldn’t understand the reason for it in that context and who was narrating it, it was weird. This was also in the present tense. ‘You feel him relax...’, ‘You climb to your feet...’, ‘You don’t stop.’ Weird.

All in all, I did finish it, the plot was different, but ultimately I feel very disappointed.

DaniBookLover ,

Didn’t like the story ...

... or any of the characters, whose actions were not really believable. The detached writing style didn’t help to connect with the protagonists either.

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