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Saint Jude: The Story That"s Never Been Told

At the start of the third millennium after the birth of Christ, a man long dead is alive in the hearts of millions, and this book sets out to unravel what is one of the most intriguing mysteries in Christian history – who is Saint Jude?

Jude - Judas Thaddeus – was not the Iscariot, not the traitor. He was a cousin of Jesus Christ and the most obscure of the Twelve Apostles. This is the man they now call the Saint of the Impossible, the Patron of Desperate Cases, the Hope of the Helpless, the Help of the Hopeless, the Saint of Last Resort...

Unshakeable belief in Saint Jude

Why and how did he gain such a reputation? Why do so many people around the world have an unshakeable belief in him – in his ability to help when hope is gone and despair has set in?

In this modern era, he is seen in notices of petition and thanks in newspapers and websites around the world. Web pages are devoted to him and attract many thousands of visitors. All over the world, shrines in his name attract millions.

50 years of Saint Jude research

Brian Morgan first heard of Jude’s reputation in 1962 and became fascinated. Who was this man? He began research in a dusty old Catholic library in Sydney and this research continued, part-time and in many places, for 50 years. After about 30 years of that work, he lost all his notes in a house move and had to start again.

He was determined to look for answers that have intrigued the faithful for two millennia and was drawn into the great, sweeping saga of the birth of Christianity, told through the life of an extraordinary man.

A true-to-life story of Saint Jude

In the end, he has written the most accurate and true-to-life story he could write of this obscure saint. The Life of Jude is a breath-taking story by a master story-teller.

This is a story many believed could never be written. Some said it should not be written. It’s a story of faith, a love story, a story of religious zeal. It’s a saga drawn over a blood-soaked landscape in extraordinary times. A story of the triumph of hope over despair.

But, above all, it begins to answer questions for believers all over the world. No-one has ever been more beloved by the outcasts of the world, the destitute, the sick, the frightened, the lonely, the dying.

Many know of Jude; few know about him.

The Life of Jude. This is his story. It is as true as a story can be that waited 2000 years to be told.


A very accomplished, sustained piece of writing. Polished in style and execution, seamlessly telling the story of a man beyond time and place. A captivating journey.
Archimede Fusillo, judge of the FAW National Literary award.
This book is full of breath-taking highlights. We actually witness the birth of Christianity. Brian Morgan has impressed me with evidence of very thorough research. It is a fascinating topic very well handled. I don’t very often get this excited about a work in progress.
Brendan Longcore, book editor, reviewing the draft manuscript.
I love what you have written. So many cultures, so much research... my God. Many, many people have waited a long time for this story. Jude is so popular all over the world that your book cannot fail. And it’s not just the story... you write so very, very well.
Joyce Patterson, reviewer and former editor.
This is a very impressive effort. You have written a story never before told in a way that is uniquely yours. I doubt if anyone has assembled this amount of information about Jude. A highly commendable project that deserves a wide readership.
Don Purvis, Professor of English Literature.

2 July
Brian Morgan

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