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An ebook explaining the coronavirus to primary and preschool children in a gentle and positive way with a happy ending and extra resources. Written by a teacher and mother of four, this book will put the coronavirus into context for young children.

The Little Corona King is a children's book aimed at primary and preschool children to help explain to them about the coronavirus in a gentle and positive way.

The book is written by Number 1 bestselling children's author Ellie Jackson, author of the true Wild Tribe Heroes series of books about ocean plastic, palm oil and climate change. Her books are highly acclaimed and have reached over a million children so far and Ellie is used to writing about real global issues without overwhelming or scaring children.

Ellie is a mother of four young children under 10 and has a background as a teacher both of which have given her experience in pitching her books at the right level so as to promote discussion, engage and inspire children to get involved in helping make a difference.

The Little Corona King was born out of a growing global concern for the impact of the coronavirus on all of us as well as understanding that parents and teachers need to explain new ideas to their children in a positive way about how to tackle the virus.

Writing and illustrating the book has taken place over the course of 4 days and is the first children's book in the world that is discussing the coronavirus. It includes relevant, up to date information taken from reliable government websites such as the NHS and the story can be amended as more developments occur.

This book is not a scaremongering tactic nor is it wanting people to panic. It is a tool for parents to use to engage their children with simple health practices such as hand washing, changing routines or habits, reasons why things are different, helping them adjust to school closures or self-isolation if needed etc although some of these are left deliberately vague so as to encourage normality as much as possible.

3 March
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123mamaG ,

Helpful little storu

My two girls age 10 and 4 asked me to give it a 5. They found it helpful

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