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Did you know that King John didn't sign the Magna Carta? He sealed it. Did you know that the rebel barons offered the English throne to Prince Louis of France? If John hadn't died, the British Isles might be part of France today. Did you know that Magna Carta was only in force for a few weeks? So why is the Great Charter considered to be the dawn of democracy? Find out in The Magna Carta Story, the layman's guide. It contains all the intrigue, tantrums and civil war, what happened afterwards, and why it's so important.

Amazon Reviews:
1. Really comprehensive - good balance of information between Magna Carta and King John's reign. I enjoyed reading this as the way in which it has been written ensured good pace and helped maintain my interest throughout. Having completed this book which has helped me gain a good understanding of the history of the Magna Carta I am now ready to move onto something a bit more dense.
2. This book covers a brief part of history but an important one and it would be easy to make hard work of telling it. In fact it's a relief to read a history book that is written in an easy to follow style. It is indeed a proper layman's guide with enough story to keep me reading without massive amounts of side-tracking incidental information that some books make you wade through. Very interesting and surprising opinions about John himself being bipolar.

9 May
Ann Marie Thomas

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