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The other day I was ruminating on the fact that, not for the first time, I was wearing different coloured socks and whether anyone had or would notice, when the boy wandered into the study.
‘What’s up, Bing?’ He looked at the ceiling.
‘The light, guv.’
‘No, I mean, what’s going on?’
‘The light if it gets dark.’

Followers of the highly popular blog Lines From My Forehead will need no introduction to the weird and wonderful world of the dog of rather large brain Bing as he wanders through his days with guv Tim. Together they ponder the great philosophical mysteries of life. Just what is the point of snowboarding? Why do buzzers and whizzers disturb peaceful summer days? Above all, where are the treats? Upside down television, squeaky balls and ducks are all viewed in the gentle, humorous world of Bing and Tim.
My name is Bing (short for Bingo Little of Lowtown) and I am a Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen. I live with Tom, Angela and an Arthur but I spend a couple of days each week with the guv Tim. Between you and me, I’m needed there as he’s getting rather forgetful. So to help keep his brain active, I ask him questions about all the things that puzzle me. Though it has to be said, he’s not got much more of a clue than me…..
Tim Harnden-Taylor was born in London NW8 and now lives towards the end of the red underground line in 'Lowtown'. He trained in Birmingham as an actor and singer, later enjoying several years in the professional theatre, both in the provinces and in London's West End. A lifetime's love of classical music eventually found him at the old store in Oxford Street at HMV. Computers were still in their infancy, therefore an encyclopaedic knowledge of recordings was a must. Other jobs followed and the need to write/scribble has always been there. Enter Bing and his enquiring mind. The journey continues...

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April 21
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