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The milking experiment is a success and Dr Gary Felton is ready to sell his stable of nubile young human cows to the highest bidder. Marie and the rest of the herd face the world with wide bovine eyes and inprobably large breasts which need to be milked reguarly.


'Marie hadn’t been out of the Institute since arriving months ago and her innocent eyes marveled at the blue sky as she walked hand in hand with Sonya to the waiting limousine. They got into the car together and were greeted by a dusky lady who introduced herself as Aafreen. As Sonya and Marie sat side by side in the plush seat, Aafreen sat in front of them and gazed at their enormous tits with her big brown eyes. “You will need milking soon,” she said, licking her lips as the car pulled away.

Samantha and Karen were also on their way to their new home, but in slightly less comfort. On their hands and knees on the floor of a flatbed truck, they were chained by the neck to a bar that the length of the vehicle. The girls’ tits were already filling with milk and Karen was in a fair bit of discomfort as the motion of the truck made her breasts swing wildly. It was less of an ordeal for Sammy. Her tits were so big they rested solidly on the floor when she was on hands and knees.

The journey seemed to last for hours and when the tailgate was finally dropped, they were both very stiff and their breasts were completely swollen. The smells that wafted into the vehicle made it clear they were on a farm and the young man who unclipped their chains looked every bit a farmhand. “Look at the fucking jugs on this one,” he shouted, reaching under Sammy as he lifted her to give her engorged tits a hard squeeze. He was not shy about fondling both young women as he led them out to three other waiting men. '

Fiction & Literature
October 13
Erotic Dreams

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