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This book could have an alternative sub-title - 'What They Wish They'd Known, Before They Set Off' because when Ali and Mike Kingston left the UK in their first motorhome, with the intention of living in it full-time they didn't have any of the information in this book. They just chucked what they thought they needed into the back and learned what to do as they went along. Now with 12 years, 4 motorhomes, 40 countries on 4 continents and 130 000 miles behind them, they have clocked up a ton of learned experiences and the time has come to share with you.

Ali has written this book to show anyone interested in a motorhome what it is like to own one and live in it. She has included everything she can think of, based on what she's done, and where she's been with Mike. She thought that the technical stuff could be a bit dull and has livened it up with forty personal photographs and a few anecdotes gathered during their years on the road.

Subjects covered include; choosing a motorhome, everyday life, safety and security, where to stay, full-time living, how to manage on a budget and some coping strategies for sharing a confined space with a life partner. She has included bullet point lists to help you prioritise the important parts in life and her ideas inspire the uncertain to leave the rat race and live the dream.

If you're interested in motorhomes for any reason; a friend may own one, you may be thinking of renting or buying one for a holiday or a road trip. Even if you're knowledgeable about motorhomes, you will still pick up useful tips.

There are over 90 web links included for continued research, you don't even need to leave your armchair to find out more.

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October 24
Alison Davie