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I grew up with a narcissistic mother.

For decades of my life, I had to deal with her emotional, narcissistic abuse. I had to live with the fact that I was a disappointment to her, and wonder what I'd done so wrong to make her dislike me so much. I would yearn for her love and would do anything in order for her to show me some kind of affection - just some recognition that she was proud of me would have been welcomed with open arms. 

The Narcissistic Mother A - Z delves into the traits, characteristics, and behaviors of narcissistic mothers, using stories and examples from my own narcissistic childhood. The resulting book is a thorough A - Z for fellow survivors of maternal narcissism, designed to be a cathartic, enlightening and comforting read for those who are still coming to terms with having a narcissistic parent.

I don't have a PhD in psychology, but I do have something most PhD's don't: real life, genuine experiences with abuse and narcissism and decades worth of recovery and healing to help guide others through the same experiences. I don't just recite what I've read in a textbook - I've lived through abuse and come out of the other side with a wealth of knowledge, and I hope it can help inspire and show others that there is a better life for them. I want my content to be accessible to those who need help and guidance through the aftermath of abuse, and I want it to be as jargon-free and understandable as possible.

2 December
Robyn Harper

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