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Forever after, there were for them only two sorts of men: the men who were on the Line, and the rest of humanity, who were not.

In the despair of a Japanese POW camp on the Burma Death Railway, surgeon Dorrigo Evans is haunted by his love affair with his uncle’s young wife two years earlier. Struggling to save the men under his command from starvation, from cholera, from beatings, he receives a letter that will change his life forever.

This is a story about the many forms of love and death, of war and truth, as one man comes of age, prospers, only to discover all that he has lost.

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July 3
Random House

Customer Reviews

D Ross Russell ,

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

A tale of lives defined by love and the horrors of the prisoner of war camps, of lives thrown together by forces beyond their control, The Narrow Road to the Deep North, is a story of life in total war. Without condoning, Richard Flanagan brings understanding to each character and their actions adding life and colour to the scenes of war time Australia and the Burma Railway in a story that clearly demonstrating the horrors and futility of total war. This story, of a time in our history, casts a light on the complex psychologies of motivations and belief behind the horrors that fill our headlines today.

teraif ,

Haunting, painful .... annoying

All of my life I have known of the Burma railway. The facts the detail. This novel makes you feel the horror truly, it gives psychological depth. As such, it was painful to read, I could only take it in short bursts. It is also annoying that having read through horror I really wanted a novel type happy ending or a positive note. No, the grim and tragic realism continues.

A very good read but not a light holiday read. It will remain with the reader

Susannah45 ,


An epic. A classic. A wonderful story full of honesty about what it is to be human. It is full of pain and raw emotion in many forms; not for the faint hearted,I cried once or twice for people who weren't real but who did exist and who did experience the horrors here told. Read it! You won't regret the commitment.

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