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Part 1 of a 3 part series...

An ancient secret has been hidden from you. Knowing this secret will open your eyes, but once open they will never close again.

A priest who, already suffering at the tendrils of his own doubts, gets drawn into a world of mystery and a covert darkness that permeates our society after discovering a hidden letter in the depths of an old church.

A successful trader who works for a city bank seems to have it all, but if you were to scratch beneath the surface, a secret burden tearing at him, becoming too much for him to bear would emerge. Finding himself at the point of despair he asks for answers. Unusual doors begin to open revealing truths that make him wonder if his burden has just increased. Every door opened slams tightly shut as he walks to the next. Once making the decision to open the first, he rapidly realises that there is no going back. Maybe the decision had already been made for him.

Like many others, one man is struggling to see the purpose of life in the rat race. Trying to find a better way is consuming his daily thoughts, but why does the system seem so geared up to stop it?

Could the appearance of a mysterious stranger link the lives of these seemingly unrelated individuals?

The world is changing faster now than ever before. While we marvel at almost daily technological breakthroughs and bask in the copious amounts of readily available information, most of us are oblivious to these signs and to an ancient force that gradually increases its control over us. A dark storm is coming.

Are you ready?

Fiction & Literature
April 5
C. A. Smith

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