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This magical literature full of religious logic, metaphysical common sense, and

supernatural wisdom has given way to a new astrological star chart reading

fashioned formidably from a keyed up individuals molded mind, body, and

soul all the while exposed to everyday occurrences such as light and dark, positive

and negative, genetics and environment, ECT. Th e key used for utility coded in our

modern day western zodiac, four basic elements, and three states confronts many

everyday problems such as health, money, love, and self-defense in an importable

composition for all to use. Can modern day literature do what the literature from

our past has done? Th e overall Biblical character and feel consisting of many numbers

combined with letters is very similar to our current Holy Scriptures and is here to

help with economic and weather conditions. Th is coupled with scientifi c prediction

in cognition helping to understand the immediate present by reviewing our past

history by providing eff ective future caliber predictions on both micro and macro

levels in our lifetimes through the areoles of time in universal form lending to Ages

similar to time travel. Could philosophical genius occult practices be construed and

accepted as more than dogmatic science fi ction and/or fantasy and on to fashioned

fi ndings from omnipresent God and science itself? Why not let your qualities defi ne

you whatever they are? A higher state of conciseness would be the calling on to

uncharted places indeed! On to a more mentally focused atmosphere as opposed

to the current physical realms is where the book takes us through its profound

knowledge providing for a real time utopia! Th e precision of 1 and 365 odds (even

more when factored with the eastern zodiac) combined with the generality of 365 to

1 is very enticing existing in a perfect state laying somewhere in the zodiacs twelve

star signs using an ark key for utility coded within the four elements and three states!

It makes us rethink all that we have learned in our educations rounding conspiracy

theory by placing accepted God as more of a common factored force while not too

sexual, accidental, and humane!

Health & Well-Being
November 3
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