The Old Bloke's Guide to Getting Laid‪!‬

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Publisher Description

Desperate for sex? Your partner’s libido gone walkabout? Running out of storage space on your laptop for porn videos? A sore hand from all that wanking? What you need is a bout of simple, uncomplicated, sex. A fuck for the sake of a fuck. With an attractive women who is just as desperate as you. Without paying for it – well, almost! That is exactly what this ebook is all about. Written by an old bloke, for us older blokes.

Hey, if you are after a meaningful relationship with a women then this e-book is not for you. This is not that there is anything whatever wrong with a meaningful relationship. Most of us have them and they are fantastic, but a meaningful relationship doesn’t always mean meaningless sex. And it is meaningless sex that this book will give you. Simple, no strings attached sex. No ties, no evenings at the theatre, no barbeques with her family, no tours of bloody art galleries, no hidden agendas, no names even. Just mutual orgasms!

In this ebook you will learn that the internet is by far the best source for great sex. You will learn which are the best websites for finding horny women. You will learn the tricks of those websites and how to make them work for you. You will learn how to promote the Unique Selling Points that us older blokes have. You will learn how to make women so horny for you that they will be desperate to fuck you. Women being women, you will then learn how to overcome all their objections to doing so. And you will learn to do all this without meeting them, speaking to them or even sending them a photo.

The first couple of chapters of this ebook will identify our ‘Channels to Market’, then we will try to understand our ‘Target Market’. I do say ‘try’ ‘cause this is blokes trying to understand chicks! After that we will examine what ‘Features and Benefits’ us older blokes have and identify our ‘Unique Selling Point’. Then ‘Marketing Techniques’, differentiating between ‘Qualified Leads’ and ‘Unqualified Leads’. Then comes the tricky bit. How we get our message out to our prospects that make us stand out from all the other blokes out there who are trying to get their end off as well. ‘Handling Objections’ is a crucial skill that will be covered in the next chapter, followed by the key to ‘Controlling the Sales Process’. Once we have the sales process controlled we can then ‘Close the Sale’ in the hotel bedroom and then make sure we get ‘Repeat Business’ – assuming they are a good enough shag, of course. The last couple of chapters will give you some specialised techniques that could give you half a chance of attracting those YSGs (Young Single and Gorgeous) that we all fantasize about and then finish with the writing skills you need to get them good and horny, including a dozen short pieces that have been proved to work.

All you need to do then is to boot up, sign on, find a nice hotel somewhere and go buy your condoms!

Health & Well-Being
1 August
Horny Harry