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Have you ever wished someone simply handed you a leaflet to explain what happens at the end of a woman’s period cycle- like you did at the beginning of puberty? Jacqui Sechiari felt exactly the same way.

The journey of The Perimenopause Manual began after Jacqui Sechiari created a survey asking women in their 40’s how they felt about themselves at this stage of their lives. Jacqui was disappointed (but not surprised) to discover that almost all of the responses were negative. Women felt alone, confused, out of control and most of all, wanted to feel like themselves again.

After seeing this, Jacqui was inspired to begin work on The Perimenopause Manual.

Having experienced symptoms of perimenopause herself, Jacqui started researching into this little known world to find ways of relieving her symptoms. She found that making small changes to certain areas in her everyday life made a big difference and was determined to share this information to help others.
Combining years of research with a straight talking tone, The Perimenopause Manual explains about the Why, the What, the Who and the How of perimenopause and menopause and sets out to end the confusion, help women regain control, know where to go for help, and to never feel lost in this journey ever again!

Jacqui Sechiari is a London based Health & Fitness and Certified Menopause Coach

The Perimenopause Manual: Everything You wish you’d been told before you turned 40 - and more

Health & Well-Being
September 17
Jacqui Sechiari