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Enjoy The Best Diet Ever!
There are many good diets out there, but experts generally agree that the best diet is one that is centered on fresh, whole ingredients and also minimizes process foods. This is good news and precisely what this book is all about. The plant- based diet is what you need to be healthy and live long. By preventing and addressing several diseases and chronic illnesses that a large number of people suffer, the plant- based has been proven to be the best diet in recent times.

It aids weight loss, reduces cancer, lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, prevents diabetes, promotes a healthy heart, among others. What’s more, it is also a very friendly diet, easy to start, follow and maintain until you attain your desired goal.

Why harm yourself with what you eat, when you have this book to serve as a guide to enjoy the plant-based diet. This cookbook provides you with the essential information to get you started, pointing out the foods to eat and to avoid as well as how to make a smooth and healthy transition to this diet, from whatever position you are. This book offers a step-by- step approach to the plant based diet and guarantees a healthier, leaner and happier you.

Let’s not forget the nutritious and tasty recipes that accompany this cookbook. There are 100 of them, offering a balanced meal with affordable and accessible ingredients. They include breakfast and smoothies, soups, salads, snacks and sides, vegetable main dishes, grain main dishes, pasta main dishes, beans main dishes and desserts. These 100 recipes with nutritional information on each one, will keep you wanting for more.

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October 11

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