The Ravenous Dark

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Publisher Description

Return to the dark and magical underworld of the Ascent of the Wicked series, where there’s no shortage of suspense and royal drama, and love can be found even in the darkest of hours…

"A must-read! This book will keep you hooked until the end and on your seat waiting for the next edition to the series. A mixture of romance and suspense—The Ravenous Dark will not disappoint.” ★★★★★

One minute, she-wolf Bailey Hart is navigating life in the Dark Court as usual: trying not to pick fights with the vampyre elite, supporting her half-witch best friend with her secret agenda, and Bailey’s favorite pastime, pining over her longtime crush, Ronan Corvina.

The next? Her wildest dream and worst nightmare collide…

Ronan is her soulmark—but the news has him turning tail and running instead of hearing wedding bells like Bailey.

From there, things only get worse. She falls in with the “wrong” crowd at court. Her best friend won’t stop pushing her away. And she might just go insane—literally—if she can’t get Ronan to complete their soulmark bond.

Oh, and then there’s the pesky new killer on the loose dubbed the Shadowmancer, wreaking havoc across court and striking fear in even the vampyre elites’ hearts.

In the midst of chaos, can Bailey prove to Ronan their love is worth a shot—that she is worth a shot? Or will the star-crossed lovers be consumed by the madness and shadows surrounding them?

The Ravenous Dark is a fantasy-length paranormal romance filled with suspense, mystery, drama, and passion that will set your heart racing and leave you desperate for more!

If you love the full-length adventure and romance of Sarah J Maas, the enthralling world-building of authors Nalini Singh and Nora Roberts, or the signature dark, slow-burn style of Laura Thalassa—The Ravenous Dark and the Ascent of the Wicked series needs to be your next read.

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"The book is absolutely amazing!! The suspense of what is going to happen next kept me reading more. 10/10 would recommend!” ★★★★★

"The Ravenous Dark will have you devour the book in one sitting. With amazing characters, see more of the Dark Court than you ever have, or knew you wanted. The complexities of Court politics mixed with soul mark longings will tease and tantalize your senses.” ★★★★★

"While the usual suspects roam the different levels of this magical realm, an otherworldly magic is in the air and the Dark Court you thought you knew gets darker than anyone could imagine.” ★★★★★

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
1 December
Via Graphia LLC

Customer Reviews

its_schola ,


Firstly I’ve loved these series since I happened upon the soulmark series, I was hoping to see more of the characters in the new series, nevertheless I still love it. Secondly, I don’t want to give any spoilers but I’m frustrated yet excited and can’t wait for the next book, the suspense is killing me!!!! and lastly I’m a bit disappointed, I was hoping for more inclusivity specifically a black woman with like braids etc and not as a fleeting character but as a main character, hopefully a soulmark to a charming sorcerer, as honestly the character in the first book (zoelle) was what drew me in and kept me reading till I fell in love with the series. In summary, hands down my favourite books & series, I’m so grateful I happened upon it and I’m obsessed with the author and whatever books she writes, but the soulmark series will always be my personal favourite, I never want her to stop writing she’s magnificent and enrapturing, I love it! I truly recommend! I received this book as an ARC.

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