The Realisation of the Supreme Self

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A practical training method, and not merely a text of revelation and worship – such is the true status of the ancient Sanskrit text Bhagavad Gītā. The special contribution of the Gītā is yoga, practical methods for expanding individual consciousness to realise the Supreme Self. This book presents the Gītā yoga in the light of explanations by Śan˙kara, the great seventh-century Indian philosopher and yogin, and Hari Prasad Shastri, who taught in Britain from 1929 till his death in 1956. The Gītā is directed in the first instance at the vigorously active, with responsibilities in the world. The actual practices of yoga are given for meeting the shock of the world-energies in the form of illusions, fear, greed, and anger. The whole basis of Gītā yoga is confirmation through experiment, not mere exhortation. This highly significant book presents the Gītā as a training manual for spiritual practice. Trevor Leggett studied Vedānta and the traditional Yoga of the Self for over sixty years and for eighteen years he was a pupil of Hari Prasad Shastri. Trevor Leggett published translations and transcriptions from both Sanskrit and Japanese including ‘The Complete Commentary by Śaṅkara on the Yoga Sūtras’ and ‘Zen and the Ways’. In 1987 the All-Japan Buddhist Association gave him a Literary Award for his translations and in 1990 he was invited to speak on his Śaṅkara translations to the three day International Seminar on Śaṅkara held at New Delhi. Trevor Leggett studied Judo and Zen in Japan. He achieved sixth dan in Judo from the Kodokan and he was one of Great Britain’s leading teachers of Judo. For twenty years he was head of the BBC’s Japanese Service until his retirement in 1970. He died on 2nd August 2000. Trevor Leggett’s other books on Yoga and Zen include ‘Encounters in Yoga and Zen’, ‘Lotus Lake, Dragon Pool’, ‘The Chapter of the Self ’, ‘Jewels from the Indra Net’, ‘A First Zen Reader,’ ‘A Second Zen Reader (The Tiger’s Cave)’, ‘The Spirit of Budo’, ‘The Dragon Mask’, ‘Samurai Zen (The Warrior Koans)’, and ‘Three Ages of Zen’. He is also the author of ‘Japanese Chess, the game of Shogi’. Realisation of the Supreme Self THE BHAGAVAD GĪTĀ YOGA-S Realisation of the Supreme Self THE BHAGAVAD GĪTĀ YOGA-S As the Sun, shining alone, illumines the whole world, So the Field-owner illumines the whole Field. Gītā XIII.33 Trevor Leggett Trevor Leggett

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1 November
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