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'The end of the traditional 9-5'

'The final nail in the coffin of the office'

'We've mastered the art of working from home'

Everyone's talking about how the pandemic is going to change how we work. But what's to stop us replicating the same behaviours from our laptops? Burnout. Inflexibility. Presenteeism.

The workforce is multi-generational, multi-geographical, multi-cultural and technology-enabled so why do we act like a one-size-fits-all solution works? If we are to benefit from this radical shift, we must prioritise the individual. The future of work is greater choice. Trust. Empathy. A new social contract.

Drawing on conversations with urban planners, business leaders, politicians and futurists, award winning Author and Financial Times Columnist Elizabeth Uviebinené presents a fundamental realignment in how we work, and through that, how we live. These conversations explore technological and social innovations, the psychological benefit of new networks, the productivity and talent potential for businesses if the workforce isn't tied to a metropolis, and the impact on infrastructure and the ecosystem if we invest our energy in local communities.

There is no work vs life. There's one life. This is our big chance to reset.

Business & Personal Finance
April 1
Hodder & Stoughton

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