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There are no "regular" men and women in the Bible. There are plenty of men and women who used to be normal, and took three steps and allowed God to make them revolutionaries.

This book is about those three steps… the same steps God asks YOU to take:

1) Trust God

2) Embrace Change

3) Move Forward at Any Cost


"I have heard it said that REVELATION , will always cause a REVELOUTION ...

After reading this book it will be crystal clear to all that read it , that God has given Pastor Matthew Tarkington a REVELATION on
The Christian Life , we are called to live as born again believers.

Everyone who reads and applies the 3 principles stated in this book (Trusting God , Embracing Change, and Moving Forward ),
will not only experience a REVELATION , of this Christian Life , but in fact will also experience a REVOLUTION in every area of their Christian lives , every day of their lives
for the rest of their lives.
The Reveloutionary's Way , will literally REVELOUTIONIZE, the way we live as believers , IF we live.... by the principles stated in it .

I remember watching Pastor Matt, begin to live these principles out back in 1997 as his youth minister at FCC-PHX, and its evident today that God is using him to help others to do the same.

The Reveloutionary's Way is a vitally important book for ALL BELIEVERS !!!!
Not only should you read this book but buy it and give it to others and encourage them to read it as well ."

- David G. Blouin
Senior Pastor , Faith Christian Center Church of Orlando Florida

Religion & Spirituality
November 13
Matthew Tarkington

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