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A little over two months after the D-day landings, a German staff car, enroute to Fuhrer headquarters, pulls off the side of the road near Claremont-en-Argonne, France. The commander of the German Armies in France, Field Marshall von Kluge, and his aide alight from the car, heading to a peaceful spot shaded from the heat of the midday French sun. After a pleasant lunch, the Field Marshal hands his aide a personal letter addressed to his brother, and calmly swallows a cyanide capsule. Kluge has been in his job a little more than a month. He had been sent by Hitler to bolster the nerve of Field Marshal Rommel, the man entrusted with the task of defending France from the Allied invasion at Normandy. Rommel, a military genius whom the Allies dubbed, “The Desert Fox”, a man who had earned the grudging respect of Churchill himself, seemed more than equal to the task. However even a man of his abilities cannot counter the overwhelming power of the Allies. Kluge comes to the same conclusion as Rommel, there is no longer any possibility of a German victory. However, there remains one hope, one last mission planned by Rommel. A desperate German staff officer, Major Helder, attempts to carry it out...

All is based on solid historic evidence. Mensa Bulletin, March, 2007

"...a literary masterpiece of historical fiction." Lloyd A. King, author of "From 'Nam, With Love"

"...providing a prespective rarely available to the reader." Hugh Rosen, author of "Silent Battlefields: A Novel"

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July 2
Ken Kreckel

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