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Read Aloud moral stories in verse written and illustrated in colour by Lucian Eyers. These original recordings by the poet with special sound effects are suitable for all ages. The Read Aloud facility will help you recite the poems confidently, as they were intended.  There are 33 beautiful colour illustrations, one for each poem. The subjects of the poems are spiritual and philosophical, tackling daily issues in an amusing and sympathetic way; written as small mantras, they encourage us to be careful in judging others and reveal life's purpose. These stories show how important it is to allow ourselves to create a better world – for example in the poem, 'An Almighty Word.' Seen through the eyes of a lovable and gentle character 'Sparky the Cat', the poems were guided and channelled by the author's Angel and Spirit Guides.


“Beautifully illustrated, thought provoking and inspiring. Wonderful for all ages, would make a great gift for adult or child alike. Part of a very collectable series. Highly recommended.” – Fiona Tozer, Waterstones Book Reviews.

“A beautifully written, exquisitely illustrated collection of poems that are a joy to read. Whenever I dip into the book something fresh is revealed. Thoroughly recommended for all ages.” – Nick Harvey, Google Book Search.

“An excellent and original piece of work. A collection of fantastic poems, for example 'An Almighty Word' .The illustrations are worth it in their own right but with the poems provide for a memorable collection.” – Matthew Cook, Waterstones Book Reviews.

Health & Well-Being
May 5

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little boylost ,

The second sparky book of hours

I liked this book very much. It's the kind of book you want to have at your bedside so you can dip into it and pick out another little pearl from a treasure chest of prayerful thoughts and ideas about how to live a good life and to care for the world around us. I thoroughly recommend it to readers from 8 to eighty.

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