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The story is set in London in 1886 and deals largely with the life of Mr. Verloc and his job as a spy. The novel deals broadly with the notions of anarchism, espionage, and terrorism.

Crime & Thrillers
January 1
Public Domain

Customer Reviews

kkedd ,

Conrad in any form is simply the master!!!

Time to slow down, be still and consider.
People are capable of many strange things and Conrad explores some dark places. I used to have a bit of a moan about his portrayal of women but have gradually come to realise that even this was more my problem.
Simple and honest and as complex as hell itself. Conrad asks nothing of the reader but to see things as they are. But can we? Do we really see?

Ask yourself - do you really see what is going on in the world? A bomb plot; an anarchist on the loose...but what is really happening?

A simple tale...and you can just see the faint twinkle in Conrad's eyes...perhaps even a smile.

As with anything by Joseph Conrad just be aware that this is greatness before your eyes. Put simply!!

Louis rocks wisp Ely ,


Hasalooba dong

rendo84 ,

Don't be deceived by the title!!

The title and average ratings make this book seem far better than it is. It's boring, full of over elaborate long winded descriptions and is done at such a slow pace. I actually fell asleep whilst reading it. Gave up reading it properly after about page 400, have skimmed through to around page 1000 and now finally given up altogether.

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