The Secret of Happy Parents The Secret of Happy Parents

The Secret of Happy Parents

How to Stay in Love as a Couple and True to Yourself

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Publisher Description

Bestselling authors and communication and parenting experts Steve and Shaaron Biddulph bring you a humorous, loving guide to creating a successful long-term relationship.

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This highly readable book guides you through the ups and downs of life as a couple or family and gives you the skills you need to survive as a loving partner and parent.

Everybody wants to find love, but in the real world love is something you learn one day at a time. Being a good partner or parent takes courage, honesty and a sense of humour – this book will help you with all three.

The message of this entertaining and informative book is that ALL healthy couples have clashes, and sexual and communication problems can act as sparks that ignite new honesty and closeness – you just need to learn how to deal with them in the right way.

This essential guide for anyone looking for advice on how to deal with life as a couple or a family includes:
• How to grow commitment in small, safe steps.
• Love, Lust and Liking – telling them apart and bringing them together.
• Diagnosing your ‘couple style’.
• The ‘make-or-break’ crises that every marriage or partnership has – and how to use them to make your relationship stronger.
• The Sex-Romance alliance – love that gets better.
• How children can help us grow up and develop a more fulfilling relationship.


‘Steve’s advice is easy to follow – and more importantly, it works.’ BBC FAMILY LIFE MAGAZINE

‘Biddulph … has a built-in feel-good factor. Parenting books too often make one feel inadequate, but Biddulph’s left me refreshed and optimistic.’ THE EXPRESS

‘a mix of Billy Connelly and Dr Spock … Steve Biddulph is a publishing phenomenon.’ THE TIMES

‘Read this if you want to improve your relationships.’ IRELAND ON SUNDAY

‘Refreshing and insightful.’ KINDRED SPIRIT

About the author

Steve and Shaaron Biddulph have worked with couples and families for over 20 years. Renowned for their combination of honesty, laughter and practical help, they have spoken to over 100,000 people worldwide about communication and parenting. Their books, including the sensational word-of-mouth bestseller Raising Boys, The Secret of Happy Children, More Secrets of Happy Children and Manhood, have sold over four million copies in 27 languages.

7 March

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