The Silent Syndrome

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Publisher Description

This book is a heartwarming story of one TS womans journey of agony and pain, acceptance, and unconditional love. Join her as she educates you about TS and tells you about her unbelievable voyage across the world to finally find her two amazing children and the relentless dedication to achieve the family she and her husband always dreamed of. This voyage created a deep passion to support other TS families and allowed her to meet some incredible people along the way. This book will describe how her diagnosis of TS allowed her to educate the public about this rare chromosomal disorder with accurate information, break down TS stereotypes/misconceptions, and bring hope and support to newly diagnosed TS families. She has been fortunate to do this in many ways and continues doing so today on a national level through the Turner Syndrome Society of the US. (TSSUS).

This is an opportunity to share with TS individuals and their family and friends her story of living with TS and the true and honest feelings revealed through different life experiences and its affects. You wont want to miss this intriguing story of an amazing roller-coaster ride of discrimination, three emotional IVF attempts, the miracle of how she and her husband found their two adoptions, and the awesome work being done today to help TS individuals lead a normal and productive life.

This book will also offer a wide range of medical and support resources and offer hope and inspiration to newly diagnosed families who think they are out there all alone raising their TS daughter.

16 February
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