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What happens when the only option you have left is to watch the dead rise?

Lost in the consequences of the choice she made, Alabama Crowne now knows what it’s like to kill a Calloway and live beyond the grave to escape a life she wasn’t allowed to live. Thinking the unwinding road was best, it isn’t long until she finds out that the curvy lapse of winding road was just what she needed to be completely free. Losing Frankie and the life she left behind, Alabama Crowne becomes Caley Crowne Marlow-Haines, assumed Socialite with an impressive resume just as she learns she’s pregnant. Accepting Finn’s hidden identity, she realizes she must become the woman she feared she’d become in order to survive the Calloway curse.

Finn Haines was everything she thought she needed until the day she found out why a man surrounded with devious mystery is a dangerous trade compared to Cash Calloway. Hiding his past involvement with Bowery Triton, a Bdsm boarding school, Finn begins to unravel as he tightens his reign over every aspect of Caley’s life. With each step she takes, a new secret involving Finn’s past threatens of a new season sets the killer within him in motion as she begins to hunger for Cash Calloway when psychotic Goddess gets closer to catching her.

The dead can only stay silent until the Silent Violent Few have risen.

Will Alabama accept her death in the sky of silent suns to be with Cash Calloway or will she rise to defeat the life Finn placed her into?

June 5
Blurb Inc.

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