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Rachel flees her past to build a new life for herself. But living a lie isn't easy. She struggles with a guilty conscience and the fear of being exposed. Eventually, she has to decide: tell the truth and risk all, or say nothing and betray everything she has ever believed in. A stunning debut novel written with intelligence and clarity. Rachel's efforts to belong exposes our prejudices against those more vulnerable in society while shining a light on the power of friendship and the importance of being part of a community.

Fiction & Literature
February 14
Pilrig Press

Customer Reviews

Tinadpac ,

Real life in Tory Britain. A powerful & moving novel.

As a disabled activist I want to express my admiration for Ruth Hunt's novel. The characters are completely believable, and the story grabs you right from the first page. Although it centres on activities in a small town, the larger issues that affect the individuals are accurately described - government cuts plus changes to benefits, sanctions etc, and the fear and distress these cause, resonated with me. Well written and absorbing.

PAgina761 ,

This book will change attitudes.

The Single Feather is about a young woman, Rachel who is paraplegic. She has to escape from where she was living, and wants to make a fresh start and feel accepted in Carthom. She joins a group of mostly retired people and there is not much understanding between members. I wanted to know what Rachel was scared of and hiding from and each chapter you find out a bit more. Not just about Rachel but about the other members as well. Then something happens, it came as a big shock to me, and I kept turning pages to find out more. I realised as I was reading I was getting a better insight into all the members of the group. This is a great novel, one for everyone to read, as it will change attitudes. It would also be good for anyone training to be a nurse, personal assistant or a support worker. It's very readable and very hard to put down!