The Sinner and The Saint

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Publisher Description


The Convent is all I've ever known since growing up with the sisters in the orphanage. It's a calling. Something that I've been told I was born to do, ever since I was left at their doorstep as an infant. They raised me. I should be grateful and fulfill the destiny they claim I have here. Although lately, I've been feeling my calling may be something more…freeing. But that can't be right. Could it?


The Sisterhood of St. Mary has been a pain in the ass ever since they decided to "bless" the inner city, and although it's something other business owners have had to deal with, luckily I haven't had that problem. Until now. I don't know whether to cuss or cry when I see a penguin being escorted inside my club by our bouncer. One, because she's the sexiest fucking nun I've ever seen and I'm totally fucked. And two, I know without a doubt I'll listen to whatever bullshit she spews just to be near her. I'm up for a challenge, I'll lead her into temptation. 

Fiction & Literature
4 August
Chelsii Klein