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THE SIXTY MINUTE FATHER sets goals to help every father ensure that he doesn't miss out on the greatest opportunity of his life. His advice includes: Put dates in your diary that are important for your children; talk to your baby as if she understands every word; if you have to be away write your children a letter; tell them how you spend your day.

This is a book for fathers that every mother will want to read!

Health & Well-Being
October 5
Hodder & Stoughton

Customer Reviews


The sixty minute father

I was gifted this book before the birth of my daughter in 2004. It was magical, yet simple. It reminded me of all the magical things we want and hope for as children. It was simple to see or re-see the things that you can offer your children. Time. If you can't give them time and don't spend time with them, then you're loosing out on so much. I never answered the phone at story time or was never not there for school assembly or show. This book tells us to see these things. Rob Parsons is a father like many of us. He too has seen time slip away and wanted to work hard for his family to provide a great future. But what by the time you have provide your money for them and worked hard for them at the office, what if by that time they don't want to spend time with you. Spend time with your children because they are not children long. Soon that little angel who was always on your knee at story time is asking for the car keys and saying "Don't wait up dad, I'll see you when I get home". It's coming. Don't be fool. It's coming. If you can't give them much or if you have a choice of what to give them, then make it your time. May God bless your time with your family.

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