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Can Judge Amerotke discover what links two deaths before the killer strikes again?

Judge Amerotke is called in to solve a double murder in Paul Doherty's gripping mystery, The Slayers of Seth. Perfect for fans of Brad Geagley and Wilbur Smith.

'All the glamour and glory of Ancient Egypt is brought breathtakingly back to life in this whodunit from the Land of the Pharaohs' - Northern Echo

Lord Amerotke, Pharaoh's Chief Judge, is in the middle of a murder case. A young ambitious scribe, Ipumer, allegedly in love with the daughter of a powerful general, had hoped to become betrothed. Now he is dead from poisoning and the prosecution has accused Lady Neshratta - apparently tired of the dalliance - of the crime. If found guilty, she will be buried alive in the desert sands of the Red Lands.
When Amerotke is summoned to the Temple of Seth by Lord Senenmut, it seems there is another grave murder to investigate. One of Egypt's great heroes has been brutally killed and Pharaoh Hatusu herself has decided to intervene, and she calls on Judge Amerotke for help. There is more to link the deaths than originally meets the eye - but can Amerotke track down the killer before he strikes again?

What readers are saying about Paul Doherty:
'[Paul Doherty] has a veritable knack for making you feel part of [the Ancient Egyptian] civilisation, as if you were Doherty's star-sleuth Amerotke yourself, piecing together all the clues and finally revealing the killer'
'[Paul Doherty's] books set in Egypt are astounding'
'The plot is intriguing and the characters colourful, distinct and believable'

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September 25

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