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The primary purpose of this robust system is to turn every weak Christian into a strong one, and the active ones into spiritual giants. It is meant to help believers in Christ keep the devil defeated in their lives. It is designed to bypass the conscious mind and deal directly with the subconscious one the same way as business advertising works. It is a spiritual action in progress, powered by the words and principles contained in this system. Every one of the Spoken-Actions in this program is aimed at fighting and destroying the work of the devil in your life and family just as Jesus did. It's a spiritual warfare system, a rational and practical means to give you all the blessings that Christ died to regain for humanity. You already have this power over the devil; now you want to put it to work, just as the Lord commanded you!

The Lord Jesus won the victory over the devil for us. He fulfilled every requirement of the Law for us. Every curse of the law was also broken, and the love of God was made perfect for all humanity. Everything Jesus died for, including power and authority over the devil and his demons, is ready and available to every believer. The redemption work is finished, but we need to learn to use the authority that we already have in Christ. And we can surely achieve this when we yield completely to the Holy Spirit, learn to walk by faith and not by sight, and live by the Word of God.


A new and everlasting covenant was made and sealed by the precious blood of Christ. The Word of God is now the eternal assurance for the believer because the Lord will never violate His word. This truth makes the Christian life very simple, fun, and predictable because we know what exactly God will do when we keep His Word. The believer now has limitless possibilities in the spiritual realm. Why? Because the Christian lives and operates from the highest level possible, which is in Christ Jesus, the King of Lords.

Religion & Spirituality
January 1
Enock Addison

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