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Here he was, her Daniel. Dark blonde curly hair, built like a quarterback. Long lean legs and the most beautiful angels smile on a square jaw. Soulful brown eyes she could live in. He seemed to understand her every thought, sometimes without a single word. That was only his appearance, the real deal was his sense of humor, challenging intelligence, his patience and analytical balance, being thoughtful and solving every problem. Every day with Daniel was a better day than any day than any day without Daniel.


Years of wanting, now his to have, he was sure to be sick from the gorge but he couldnt seem to stop himself from needing and thinking that at any moment someone would steal her from him. She felt so good to him and he missed her so much. Angie, I live in shadows. Dressed up like a monster hiding in the night. That is what you want? Angelina smiled instantly As long as I can have the days without the outfit, how can you think otherwise.

Daniel McAlister was genetically designed and the first human success that was using an artificial DNA patch. He was smart and strong and the government wanted him back. Angelina, this place, they wanted to make spare parts, not people. The lab here was doing research on building DNA that could renew and grow spare parts for sale, specifically livers, hearts, kidneys, artificial and genetically grown DNA that could create graphs and build bones. Could that be what they were researching with those children?

Russells team waited for the van to get past the parking lot and then built a barrier of guns and men. Make them pay Russell! Make them understand their mistake Russell was up for it all right. Lets rock it boys and radio silence.

Fiction & Literature
August 13
Trafford Publishing

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