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This book explores the idea of dual personality of jekyll that led him to his experiments, and his inexorable and finally fatal descent into evil.

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January 1
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Customer Reviews

Rudy Hu ,

A must read but a dreary one

The societal fears and Darwinist explorations behind this novella make it a fascinating read but, releasing it now, twenty years on from my first effort, I feel similarly disappointed. Language is unnecessarily dense and heavy going, even for its time, leaving little room for character development and intricacies of plot.

I trusted through but was happy for it to end! Back to the twenty first century for my next read.

Jillybean nicknames all taken! ,

A short easy-to-read classic

A great short novella, highlighting the duality of man and the potential animalistic nature we hold within ourselves. Easy and quick to read!

Zennyyohhh ,

Raw and Uncensored

it shows how back in the 19th century, men were restricted from doing what they wanted because they wanted to keep their reputation as clean cut in the eye of the public... which then often limited them from doing the things that they wanted to do. although Hyde is seen as a very drastic and out of place character, we also see that he is very free to explore the boundaries of the Victorian society and test the limits, but as for Hyde, the public look up to him for the titles he has earned and the socially acceptable behaviour that he has put on display, not knowing how restricted he would feel, showing that although you may be the richest, smartest and most clever person in the world, you also have another side, your evil side that you do not want anyone to see at all.

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