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Set in modern-day England, The Sunday Club's four main characters have one thing in common, they need to raise a lot of money, and they need it by next Sunday.
Ray Troy’s bank has just pulled the plug on his antiques business and he needs to finance his young daughter’s cancer treatment; Dave Gee has been fired from his lifelong job and the hardnut Stanhope brothers’ pub has been condemned by the council due to subsidence.
The unusual answer to their needs comes in the form of Craig, an autistic savant. His recently deceased uncle, Charlie Bath, a paranoid gangster who refused to leave paper trails, instead entrusting all of his planned robberies to Craig’s memory, plans which could only be unlocked by Bath himself. Following his untimely demise Craig discovers that the plans for his uncle’s final and biggest robbery, the country would ever witness, are still locked away in his mind. Bath has also left a set of riddles which, if solved correctly, will unlock the intricate plan harbouring within his nephew.
This is no ordinary robbery - it is one which will leave you thinking... "Why the hell hasn't someone thought of that before?"

"...highly visual...like the Italian Job (the original)..." Gregory & Co. London.
A full novel of 78,000 words

Crime & Thrillers
July 4
ML Stewart

Customer Reviews

thekopite ,


Fast paced and funny at times. Great characters. A great read indeed.

Stacey1 ,


Once again another brilliant book by
M L Stewart, highly recommend this authors books, can't wait for a new read

Simon Turner ,


I discovered this author when I stumbled upon 'the facebook killer'. Loved that book and loved this one in equal measures. You can tell is the same author as he has an amazing imagination for making the unbelievable, believable! Love the twists and turns. It is so refreshing to read something new and a bi different to the mundane romance books that everyone seems to be into these days! Yeah, there are grammatical errors and spelling mistakes which I find bizarre in this day and age but it did not take away from the enjoyment of reading this enthralling book. I will keep an eye out for this author in the future.

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