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Keaton is a journalism student eager for big stories. When she meets a wealthy young Saudi and learns that harems still exist she thinks it will make an outstanding story. She is given permission to come and interview harem girls and see what life is like in the harem. The only condition; she must join the harem, temporarily. She will live the life of the harem girls, must obey as they do, and must submit her body to the sexual use of whomever desires her. Keaton thinks she can cope with this, thinks it means little more than regular sex with tall, dark and handsome men. And being a girl who has always enjoyed a little bondage, she doesn't feel that would be a jolt either. But Keaton is about to learn what it means to be a real harem girl, to have no control over her body, to be, temporarily, a sexual slave and plaything for men - and women - who can do anything they want to her. Keaton finds her own dark lusts helplessly aroused by her forced submission. Even punishments of growing severity inspire masochistic arousal which leaves her emotionally, as well as physically drained. As she feels herself changing Keaton knows she should leave but her will to refuse drains away. While she might leave the harem, the harem will never leave Keaton. And her sexually submissive nature will come to dominate her life.

Fiction & Literature
12 April
JJ Argus

Customer Reviews

Serennie ,

Not bad

The story concept was amazing but I don't think the writer really portrayed it well enough, this book should have cost no more than 99p. It was short, not really detailed.. The idea -amazing.. But the real detail was not there in my opinion.

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