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If you are the kind of person who wants to break free from shackles of limited finances, ‘ The Ten Commandments of Wealth Creation’ will lead you to the promised land where money will no longer be an issue in your life. Whether you are an investor, a businessman or an employee you will be able to reclaim financial control of your life by understanding the simple principles that will catapult your earning power into stratosphere.

As you begin to read this book you will embark on a journey where you will discover how easy and simple it is to create and sustain wealth that lasts for generations. You will be able to amass wealth in an enlightened way.

This book will show you:

•How to unleash the millionaire within you
•The correct way to create Multiple Streams of Passive Income
•How to compound your wealth and generate massive cash flow
•How the rich preserve their wealth for generations
•The correct way to use leverage for accelerated wealth creation
•How to become a sophisticated investor

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What customers are saying?

Every chapter is filled with food for thought!! So many concepts that I never thought about. I believe that by reading this book, my life will never be the same again Jane Sloane

This book made me question my decisions about money. Nearly every chapter offered new insight and ways to consider finances. It made so much sense! Markus Pebble

A friend told me about this book during a conversation we were having on passive income. It has shown me a new path towards FINANCIAL FREEDOM by creating multiple streams of passive income Bill Alderman

An art of genius writing….even for a layman! Rishi Singhania

I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to build multiple streams of income…..easy to read and understand! Jude Lang
The book is a wonderful and meaningful read. Made many highlights. Many insights. Gurvinder Aluwalia

Business & Personal Finance
26 May
Praveen Kumar

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