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NOW in one volume of over 90,000 WORDS: the amazing story of human women conditioned as sex slaves to serve martian masters.

In 1916, at the height of the terrible war in Europe, Martians came to Earth and made a shocking offer to the rulers of the British Empire: they would supply it with weapons to win the war in exchange for a daily tithe of all its eighteen-year-old women. They would take 1 in 10 of them to serve as their sex slaves for 100 days on Mars, and then return them home. In desperation, the offer is accepted. Soon, every church in the Empire becomes an assessment centre for the tithe and a base station for the Martian matter transmitters, that send the chosen women to the Red Planet.
By 1933, the Martian Tithe has become part of normal Empire life and, on her eighteen birthday, Phillipa Hardy is duly assessed and chosen to serve. On Mars, her body is adjusted not only to endure its thin air and bitterly cold nights, but to make it more pleasurable to her superior alien masters, who have applied some of their vast powers to the science of female domination. She is intimately merged with their degrading mechanical restraining devices and subjected to total three-way penetration and extraordinary sexual perversions, to which she responds with increasing passion. But gradually Phillipa realises that Mars holds many mysteries. What is their true purpose in enslaving Earth women? And will she be able to lead a normal life when she returns to Earth?

Back home after her service on Mars, Phillipa faces a strange new life, beginning with a painful inquisition by a fanatical vicar and his henchmen who believe Martians are demons. Still subject to Martian mental conditioning and with a body and nature now attuned to submission, Phillipa finds she cannot bear to wear clothes and feels compelled to go about naked even in public. She also displays the indelible golden stars that are the stigmata of her service on Mars. Her fellow countrymen are grateful for her sacrifice, but they find her and the other returned Martian slaves an embarrassment. It is as though Earth is now an alien world to her.
Phillipa is sold as a licenced sex slave to her first human master; Edgar Bertram, who takes her to numerous sex parties where she demonstrates her Martian body alterations to paying guests. Phillipa also satisfies the desires of rich society women and the rough needs of a gang of local lads in every way imaginable. In the process she begins to fall in love with her fellow former Martian sex slave, Rose. But there are dark forces at work who covet slave girls for their own ends. What will Phillipa endure to protect the secrets of Mars? And what do the Martians really want from Earth, besides taking its women as their slaves?

Fiction & Literature
21 December

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