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The Vagrant is his name. He has no other.

Years have passed since humanity’s destruction emerged from the Breach.

Friendless and alone he walks across a desolate, war-torn landscape.

As each day passes the world tumbles further into depravity, bent and twisted by the new order, corrupted by the Usurper, the enemy, and his infernal horde.

His purpose is to reach the Shining City, last bastion of the human race, and deliver the only weapon that may make a difference in the ongoing war.

What little hope remains is dying. Abandoned by its leader, The Seven, and its heroes, The Seraph Knights, the last defences of a once great civilisation are crumbling into dust.

But the Shining City is far away and the world is a very dangerous place.


★★★★★ 'For fans of classic science-fiction literature, this is a must-read.' – SciFi Now

★★★★ 'Come visit this brilliantly imaginative land of winged swords and broken solar cells.' – SFX

‘The Vagrant is a joy to read: an original and engrossing world, a strong story and a protagonist who is intensely charismatic despite – or because of – his silence. Newman’s debut is written with confidence, flair and imagination, bringing his dark world to marvellously macabre life’
Adrian Tchaikovsky, Author of Shadows of the Apt series

‘A stunning and ambitious debut novel set in a unique and imaginative world where the only hope rests on the capacity of human beings to love’ Melinda M. Snodgrass

About the author

PETER NEWMAN is the author of the critically acclaimed, award-winning Vagrant Trilogy: The Vagrant, The Malice, The Seven. He sometimes pretends to be a butler for the Tea and Jeopardy podcast, which he co-writes and for which he won a Hugo Award in 2017. His first book, The Vagrant, won the David Gemmell Morningstar Award in 2016 for best Fantasy Debut of the Year. Peter writes for George R.R. Martin’s Wild Cards series and will first appear in Knaves Over Queens. He has also written for the computer game Albion Online. He lives in Somerset.

Twitter: @runpetewrite

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
23 April

Customer Reviews


Would still recommend

Obscure at times (prepare yourself to have to backtrack and read stuff again) but the characters and atmosphere drew me in. It’s a strange mix of dystopia, fantasy and sci fi that works.

And the second book is great!

Jamey47 ,

One of a Kind Story

I bought liking the basic premise, I began to get it more after each page and chapter. BUT!

It turned out to be a story that drew me in despite not understanding enough, or being given but few basic explanations about anything I was being told.

A well written story but for a lack of explanations, definitions, and a base time frame which would have helped me follow the heroes and villains so much more easily.

Was this earth? Were these really humans? That is how confusing it was at first.

I will read the sequel despite still feeling in the dark about the issues I raised above.

Bravo to the author for a captivating novel.

On in ,

Not enough

Intrigue is established but Newman does not give sufficient information to allow the reader to understand his story. One hundred pages in I stopped reading - I suggest you don't even start.

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